about us

Who we are?

DOGWALKING&SITTING opened its doors July 2001, managed by Gabriele Mirbach, 1010 Vienna since September 2004.

About my person:

I have been living with dogs since a child, beginning with the mischievous long-haired Dachshounds Benno and Paul, then Rudolf, the „Terrackel“, a self-confident animal despite coming from the pound. Afterward came Shiva, the gentle Rottweiler lady, followed by the boisterous Terrier Bruno from the pound in Brunn/Gebirge, my current constant companion.

And now, about myself: I studied veterinary medicine at the Vetmed University in Vienna a little later in life, and at the same time I accompanied my dogsRudolf and Shiva through various examinations (BGH I + II, FH I + II). They also took part in competitions. My current dog, Bruno has also successfully completed the BGHa and took a course in agility which he enjoyed very much.

I would like to offer your pets the opportunity of exercise, love and attention in the time when it is not possible for them to receive this from their owners

I look forward to meeting all my future human and animal clients!

Gabriele Mirbach
0664/394 57 22

DOGWALKING&SITTING is about your pet´s health and social life in the city. Offer your darling our individual dog- and cat care service. Our clients are young managers, travelling professionals, the ambassies´ diplomatic corps, singles and of course senior citizens. Our pet-care personnel always establishes a very personal relationship with your little sweethearts. Thus our clients have been rewarding us with the most positive feedback to this day.